Our mission to help clients and their teams achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through the growth of their businesses.

The 6 Figure Agent

Do you want to join the 6-figures + club? Luke can help, he is a powerhouse in the real estate industry and someone you can trust to help you navigate your way into the business. While he was still serving in the military, he began his investing journey and built his own real estate portfolio. He then pursued his real estate license, he quickly became an expert in the field doing forty-three transaction in fourteen months and breaking $13 million dollars in sold volume.

The 10X Business Advisor

Partnered with Cardone Ventures, we are a business consulting company that helps business owners grow their companies from a 360-degree perspective, including operations, marketing, finance, and people. Our team ensures that businesses 10X all of these aspects and grow from $2 million to $50 million+.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate is frequently praised as the ultimate investment due to its many potential perks, including the ability to generate substantial returns, exert control over the property, and enjoy a range of other benefits. Learn how to become an investor and grow your wealth.

Mentorship & Training

With access to a world class coach and mentor like Luke, you not only get invaluable advice and strategies for success but also accountability for executing your action plans. That being said, having access to such top-tier expertise is often difficult to come by as coaches at this calibre tend to select their clients exclusively.

“Success Is Your Duty, Obligation, And Responsibility.”

-Grant Cardone